Reviews for "- Rhythm Fireworks 2 -"

Hahaha, I remember this game from ages ago! :) I'm at uni now and I remember playing this in high school. :) Still a fun little rhythm game, and every arrow falls on the beat perfectly - it kinda reminds me of a minimalistic version of Fantavision. :)

I understand this is one of Coolio's earliest games so I'm not really going to do much "constructive crit" here (since his latest games are brilliant), but if this game were ever to be remade or made into a sequel, adding in more complex rhythms would be ace. Like triplets and off-beat note, that sort of thing. Keep up the great work Coolio! :)

ahhh this takes me back i would play 4 the music and i could never beat the 1st level
but now i will finish the game!

Good game btw. I wish you had more music.

My favourite rhythm game ever. 100% on runaway! Yes! Keep making these games Cooilio- Natio.

My points:

In a trance: 100%
The ocean: 100%
Open your eyes: 100%

Revolutions: 100%
Firestorm: 97%

Wildflower: 80%
Bounce: 78% (OWNED)
Runaway: 85%(I have owned)

I love your games man, this is EPIC.
I dance with him e.e"