Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

im stuck at level 12

what is that animal, a goat ??? I know im an idiot but please answer!
is that animal on lvl 12 a goat or a ram ?

Nicholas-Deary responds:

yeah it's a goat, if you want help, you can consult the walkthrough, the link is in the author's comments.


Way to go, man. You made yourself one heck of a game. It was fun, addictive, challenging, SO BLOODY AWESOME!!!!! The only problem I had was the choice in music...pick something more annoying next time please.
Peace out.

help plzzzzzzzzz!!!!

I cant finish i need hlp on 21 plzzz sir i need the answer, i looked at it upside down left to right but i cant get it plzzz help.

Lol, hard...

it's very hard but i finally completed it.
it was alot of thinking and google-ing :P
good uck greenhorns!

Good game

I got up to level 21 and then I couldn't figure out what to do... damn I suck -_-