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Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"


awsome game i need help with lvl 21

great game

this is a great game, even if that secret head thing is freaky, but I'm stuck on 21 like most people were.


if there was an 11 id give it to you. i can't get past 21 plz pm me answer :'( i wanna go on btw 5/5

Interactive game. I liked it.

This sorta reminds me of the Impossible Quiz game but in a different fashion. The music in this flash was kinda boring. Although it's from the audio portal, there are better audio's out there. The difficulty was pretty tough. #7 is getting to me a little bit. I know it has something to do with the people though. I'll try to finish it if I have the time to. Anyways, this game was great to play. Nice Work Nicholas Deary! :D

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M4KBOT responds:

thanks a lot bud, good luck with question 7

a trouble...

i could not get farther than level 6, i don't understand it
please make next time a easyer way to recognise passwords.