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Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"


i completed it!

M4KBOT responds:

awesome, I'll add you to the list


i finished it! it was accually pretty hard really but i came through! woohoo!
i couldnt get the number 12 so i used the thing in number 2

M4KBOT responds:

thank you, I'll add you to the list

haha got stuck on the starwars general :(

cant believe i couldnt get that name when i watched it so many times. Oh well good game :)

M4KBOT responds:

lol, I think I got it wrong, isn't it Admiral Ackbar? Oh well, thanks for the review bud.

Cool game!!

very cool game but im stuck at level 9 can you give me a hint please?

M4KBOT responds:

thanks, yeah sure just go on http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/expperl evel.html look at what the levels are worth and add them up.

what a game

When i first played this game i knew it was going to get on to the front page, and i was right. Allthough i havent completed the game yet it is very well made and looks very good. It also is very addictive especially when stuck.

Looking forward to completing this one then for number 2 dont keep us waiting to long

M4KBOT responds:

thank you very much! I've got so much projects to do, but I'll try and squeeze number 2 in somewhere =D