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Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

It was about as good as games like this can get

I enjoyed playing it, except the first one which i simply had to go find the answer to since i saw it as there was an s in between the a and the t, and a p in between the c and the a.

Although i suppose that frustration did come to help with the last qustion :D

Good work.

Finally finished!!

I didn't want to look on the internet so i took me 1 and a half hour but i'm finally finished the last question was pretty easy actually..XD and i got to jump to lvl 20 by clicking the right eye XP... Overall a very good game and very original!! I'm looking forward to number 2. I'll say it again: GOOD GAME XD

YAAAY! Finished

Finally, I finished, it was hard
good game

loved it

i really loved a game good way to pass the time when my brother wont let me on the xbox 2 things annoyed me though the fact that the password appeared in asterix form so you couldnt actually verify what you typed in was correct the second was the pyhtagoras theorem quiestion which for any1 who doesnt know is a squared + b squared = c squared and as c is always the longest line x= b or a having worked it ou which i forget now taking me a really long time to find it wrong then finding out all i had to do was click on you know what kinda annoyed me anyway i beat and apart from those 2 things i loved it


Harr! Awesome! The ponyfrog was a tough one, but I completed it! w00tm00t! <3

M4KBOT responds:

thanks, I'll add you