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Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

Not very fun...

I got lost at hidden text...

i cant see the sailboat

aagghhhh I cant see the sailboat in the picture. I could never see the picture in the fuzzy picks. To me this was just like that, a bunch of fuzzy pictures.

Was alright but it was an impossible quiz copy cat

It obviously was. It wasnt that bad but there were some problems. Like typing was a *****. Plus on some of the levels were you drag stuff the stuff followed you.

M4KBOT responds:

you could say that any quiz game made now till eternity is a copy cat of The Impossible Quiz. In my experience, you never had to input passwords in the Impossible Quiz nor did you not do loads of stuff which was in this game, in the Impossible Quiz.

woo good game

sweet game i loved it

My brain hurts

But I kicked its ass. In your face. But seriously good game. I got so pissed by the last question. It took me a bit to remember it, but I did. Only thing I had to look up was that flash name, thats it. Go me! Grat game, cant wait for the sequel!