Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

This is awesome, and I know what that really is.

Well, mostly because I'm a 9-year-old MAJOR risktaker.


ha ok so this was a pretty fun game 30 quizz questions and puzzles always fun especially with some medals and such, the "MUSIC" choices were pretty cool especially the old ng theme song, all the music choices were great except one of them was abit scratchy, "#2" i believe, the game was fun and kept me interested, some hard some easy so overall i had alot of fun with this and was very entertaining, so i think the only issue here was the one track abit low in quality, but other then that this was a pretty decent and fun game. Ialways love these types of games they are classic,

as above reads, the one track number 2 was abit staticky, not a big issue but offsets from the other choices.

a classic from the past of newgrounds quizes and puzzles a fun game for all to enjoy


Super game

A game that tests your NG knowledge! Awesome!


i pressed the tab key.....>:(

Pure Awesomeness

This makes me want to know lots about NG