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Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

This game wasn't very good.

This game was pretty terrible. Everything was low quality, and it seemed you felt the Newgrounds references would somehow make up for it (which they didn't).
Also, instead of insulting the people who point out your mistakes to you (like Ackbar), maybe you should check what you plan to submit before you submit it. Newgrounds is not a garbage dump. If you want to submit garbage, the join the Kitty krew.

It's General Ackbar.

Just sayin

great... but hard

i got stuck on the carmine question but eventually i realised it nd the rest was relatively easy...
no i didnt find the warp... wt is it... wt does it do...
lol the bottom thread on the creds... fotoshop the queen of england
do i go on ur list now...
pwetty pwetty pweese!...

overall it was good and hard
i like a challenge
10/10 (i only giv 10 2 the veeeerry best)


like i got past lvl 1
and 2 even 3 but wat is lvl 4 i dont even know what i have to do plz tell me


Please, next time check your work closer. 6th question - Ackbar was an Admiral, not a General...

M4KBOT responds:

..Woah, you're probably the first person to tell me that, thanks.