Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

LVl 2:compact
LVL 3:mushrooms
LVL 4:grass [wach out for the mines don't set them all up]
LVL 5:cheese
LVL 6:ackbar
LVL 7:queue
LVL 8:swordfish [this is becose i hate mases]
LVL 9:113
LVL 10:pizza [its hard to read it but i tryid]
LVL 11:fisher
LVL 12:nah [god this was easy]
LVL 13:templet [q=p]
LVL 14:pretty [you havto have the site of a rock to miss it]
LVL 15:ruler [very easy]
LVL 16;carmine
LVL 17:squirrel
LVL 18:atlas [yust look for big letters]
LVL 19;press the jack in botten [very very veryyyy easy]
LVL 20:pasty
LVL 21:cake
Thats it i cant figure the next lvl. out so hope this help becose i didn't get eny help.
LVL 20:

Cool! I Loved It! It Was Challenging, But It Was Great. 999999999999999999\10

Awesome Game!

very Challenging. Just My Type ;). Good Music To.

This is a great game, though very jerkish at times. Find x. Password: orange. ORANGE?!? WHAT KIND OF AN ANSWER IS THAT?!? But I digress, a well made game.

it's awsome

this game is trying to tell you cheating is for noobs of you press the tab button but... we cheat anyway by pressing the tab button in every other games that you can cheat on