Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

I loved this game

Level 22 is rapture

Great game but i completed the whole game and did not get any of the medals.

Verry good!

LVl 2:compact
LVL 3:mushrooms
LVL 4:grass [wach out for the mines don't set them all up]
LVL 5:cheese
LVL 6:ackbar
LVL 7:queue
LVL 8:swordfish [this is becose i hate mases]
LVL 9:113
LVL 10:pizza [its hard to read it but i tryid]
LVL 11:fisher
LVL 12:nah [god this was easy]
LVL 13:templet [q=p]
LVL 14:pretty [you havto have the site of a rock to miss it]
LVL 15:ruler [very easy]
LVL 16;carmine
LVL 17:squirrel
LVL 18:atlas [yust look for big letters]
LVL 19;press the jack in botten [very very veryyyy easy]
LVL 20:pasty
LVL 21:cake
Thats it i cant figure the next lvl. out so hope this help becose i didn't get eny help.
LVL 20: