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Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

Good enough

I liked this game and not just because I could look at other people's comments for the answers. I think that you are not allowed to advance on Level 8 until you actually finish the maze. I tried looking ahead and it would not let me do that. I think there's a glitch on Level 17, because I am not able to click "Jack In". I believe I played this game before at one point, but never reviewed it until now. The sequels to this were a lot better because they were more elaborate.

This was still fun, because you did not know what was going to happen next. Congrats on your Underdog of the Week award, if that is anything you are proud of. I guess I do not have to tell people that this game now has medals. It was nice to be able to choose different kinds of music, because the same kind can get repetitive after awhile. It seems to be both a puzzle game and a trivia game.


5 days in a row win 6 days whats the sum


If you hold down on the mouse button in the mouse avoider, you can pass the lines without dying. =)

Making the game easier :3

1. cat
2. compact
3. mushrooms
4. grass
5. cheese
6. ackbar
7. queue
8. swordfish
9. 113
10. pizza
11. fisher
12. nah
13. templet
14. pretty
15. ruler
16. carmine
17. squirrel
18. atlas
19. press jack in
20. pasty
21. cake
22. rapture
23. orange
24. commercials
25. horse
26. controller
27. press tab key
28. bbs
29. action
30. cat

Thx @matamort !


Please I need help tell me whats the password?