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Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass"

liked it alot!

Awsome game


i already am stuck on lvl 2 XD

Secret medals

1. Click the sparkle on the knife on level 30 and wait.
2. Press the tab key on any level but level 27.
3. Same as number 2 but press tab again.
4. Click the lower right corner of the black box on level 2, and then click the head's right eye. It will send you to level 20, though.
5. On level 13, click all the corners of the black box starting with the lower left.

pretty good

its o.k and i know evrybodys gonna call me a wuss but i kept freaken out couse i felt like something freaky was going to pop out. but ether way the game is pretty good. keep makeing more

Awesome challenging fun!

30 levels of clever ways to hide the password hidden easter eggs and Medals love it all! I cheated on some parts but for the most part I had fun with it!