Reviews for "Abortion Shark is Hungreh"

it made me smile

nice style, nice shark, nice music

im wondering what the flash that used the title first, looked like

Sticky responds:

In the credits you can click on "CapnCrunchDaPimp's Clock Day Flash" to see the flash I stole the title from.

It was alright

It was pretty funny until it got to the abortion shark part, then it was just sort of...you know...it kind of seemed like you just rushed it and stopped trying.

Sticky responds:

I can understand how you could get that idea but I really didn't rush the end part. It just turned out that way. Probably because the shark is such a simple character to draw and the song I made was a bit stupid.

Haha, Ace!

I like your art style, it's squiggly and stuff, but it probably could of used color. The beginning of the flash introduced the plot nicely, and was quite funny and interesting. Then, the song and ABORTION SHARK himself was epic win. You didn't let me down, but I wish I could do so much better on mine. So random and hilarious, favorited.

Sticky responds:

I thought the greys gave it an interesting look. And if you want to get better at flash all you need to do is practice and maybe read up on a few tutorials.


That... was a really weird movie. But I must admit, the animation and voice acting was good, so you get a high rating for that.

Sticky responds:

I'm glad you thought it was weird as it was supposed to be.


Not the best graphics but it was pretty funny. 4/5

Sticky responds:

They were the best I could do :(

ah well, at least I'm happy with the way it looks.