Reviews for "Abortion Shark is Hungreh"


Ohhhh, it should have been that...thing scared the baby out of her..that woulve ben funny.

Sticky responds:

Ha I didn't even think of that. I suppose I had my idea and I was too set on it. I could've made it explode out of her alien style :D


As I sit at my desk on this Saturday night, I have no idea if this is a flash that is meant to parody anti-abortion people, or if you are trying to make abortion doctors seems evil.
Anyway, my main feeling about abortion was re-enforced with this flash: 1. abortion is funny; and 2. anti-abortion protesters have small penOrs, lol.

Sticky responds:

It doesn't actually have a message. I just put together a bunch of stuff I found funny at the time.

I only review Flash I like now!

I liked your flash! The squigglies in the background took me to a faraway place where things were better: I'm talking, of course, about Dr. Katz.

I found it creative how you didn't connect the people's outlines, instead, you left them (I can't figure out how to spell it right, but it looks like maliable, malley-able) anyway, you could move them easily without harm. I give you 5/5 and 9/10!

Rock on and keep makin flash! Btw, do you know how to spell mal-ee-able?

Sticky responds:

google says it's spelled "malleable". I forgot the e when I tried.

As for Dr.Katz I know a little about it like the style but it's yet another show I gotta get around to watching.

Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed it.




So flipping genius.

And I liked your style of animation.

Really, kudos.


<3 -t

Sticky responds:

And Abort'ums now come in packs of 8 (Zoom in). Because you never know when you'll need an emergency abortion.

I was trying out a new art-y style and was hoping it would work out. Looks as if it did its job.

And also, Two z's in omg? oh you shouldn't have.


Its really good

Sticky responds:

What a long detailed in-depth review you have left me. Since this review clearly covers every aspect of my flash and all the pros and cons no one need leave any more reviews for this flash.