Reviews for "Abortion Shark is Hungreh"


That was pretty wicked but funny at the same time with the sharks feeding on fetuses,a strange flash that you can get a kick out of.

Sticky responds:

Don't kick it. It took too long to put together for you to mess it up now >:(

For Such A Touchy Issue...

...I really enjoyed it... Not that I'm easily offended or anything...

Animation: 10/10

Probably one of the most unique animation styles I've seen, the art was simple, and very eye-catching. I'm actually more of a fan of non-colorful animation than colorful ones, so your animation was, in my opinion, excellent.

Sound: 9/10

The song could not have fit in more with the atmosphere of the flash. And I really respect people who make their own soundtracks. I think that the soundtrack was slightly disturbing, but still upbeat enough to give off humor.

Voices: 10/10

The voices were clear, and all had a distinct style to them... 'Nuff said.

Humor: 9/10

Heh... Abortion Shark... That's classic... "You're out of adventures" funny stuff...

Overall: 9/10

You took a touchy subject and made it disturbingly hilarious.

Well done, sir.

Sticky responds:

Wow very nice review! There should be more reviewers like you out there :D

yes yes offensive and what not.

funny. great writing!

Sticky responds:

ppptttt it's impossible to offend anyone on Newgrounds.

That wuz funnieh

But I would put dundundunnnn when she sees the shark.What the hell was the shark saying anyway.

Sticky responds:

That would be really corny. And there are subtitles if you'd just press 'S' on your keyboard...

It was like the first time!

I watched this back when you submitted it last year, and now seeing it again in the treasure hunt, it's still just as funny! nom nom nom!! :U

Sticky responds:

I know what you mean. I can still get a laugh out of this flash as opposed to all my other stuff which after having watched it several thousand times during production just annoys me. Or embarrasses me.