Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

This game is amazing

Nice and difficult, and fun as hell! I just hate that giant orb at the end, he's pissing me off, but I'll kill him eventually. There gonna be an Ether Cannon 2 by any chance? If not, oh well. Just keep making amazing games like this!

To the masses: If you want an easy game, this isn't it.

Beaten >:3

But... the final boss could've been something else , like... some huge ship wich shoots stuff , idk >___<
that big red ball.. was just plain o.O
neways . great game.
maybe... a few music changes ? i mean , the music was good , but after 21 levels , it gets a little repetitive.
anyways , one of the best games i played here in a while , i loved the fast action , changes from the slow too-high-graphics games wich just naturally lag.
Keep up the good work , i'll be looking foward to a sequel ^__^


that was just wow. good graphics, good music, fair game play, and the ending movie was a nice touch. you get a five.

this is HARD...

but i can't imagine it any other way.this is one awesome shooter you made,and the challenge level being so high makes the game become even better.the music,as well as the controls,were also very good,so two thumbs up for you

great game

awesome effects and im surprised cuz i didnt lag at all and the graphics r incredible