Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


It was good until i got to level 3/4, when everything simply spawned around me, flew straight into me, and killed me. Considering this happened 2 times i wasnt willing to try it again.


The game is nice looking, game play not so nice. What is the point of having a weapon if it is not able to hit anything, or when it does, it barley damages enemies. I understand it is supposed to be hard and challenging, but come on. Again the design is excellent, but playability is a bit ridiculous.

Kind of pretty I guess.

It looks alright yet its way to difficult. The enemies move at 1,000mph, dodge my shots like Neo and 50 of them barrage me within 1 second of starting the round lol. Im not sure how this made the front page. Im sorry.

Kajenx responds:

Bwahaha, no, sir, they are the agents. You are Neo, but your mind is still stuck in opression! FREE YOUR MIND!! GRAH!!

not bad

took too long to load though

not that great

at first it seemed fun but after a while it just got plain boring, especially with all the constant running and shooting