Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Oh, man...

I don't even know what's going on... it's like pure luck gets you through the levels. Manouvering just doesn't do the thing it's supposed to, namely keep you alive. Kinda frustrating to me... voted to save it though, maybe some pple out there get to like it.

Kajenx responds:

Haha, well at least you tried it! Thanks for the review.


really addictive game with good graphics, but also a bit boring and frustrating. i was VERY dissappointed when i realized that i can't defeat boss, because i upgraded only shield & gun and i'm too slow.

Kajenx responds:

You can beat the boss with low everything, you just wave to watch for it on you radar and dodge to the side when it comes at you.


I dont like it much. Its a bit too hard. Upgrade system is too boring (i think standard "kill guys get money and buy stuff" system is more interesting) , enemies are even more boring then the upgrade system. But game has nice graphics , and a fast paced intense gameplay. "Alien shooter" style.I give that game 3/5.

Good game with some glaring faults.

Frankly, this game just reminds me of Asteroids, but with the ability to upgrade the ship. I found that by simply forsaking the engine and gun and dumping every single power-up into the turret, you can easily mow through the game simply by using your ship as a battering ram, occasionally retreating when the energy runs a bit low. So that's a bit of a downer--it's not much fun when you can blaze through 60% of the levels literally without touching the controls. But even when I played legitimately and tried to even out the power-ups...it's just doesn't have stamina. After 5 minutes it gets boring, after 10 minutes it becomes a chore, and when after 15 minutes I realize I'm only like halfway through the game, I just lose all desire to finish it.

It is indeed a well programmed game and shows some thought, but when you look past the nice particle effects and awesome soundtrack...it's just Asteroids.

Kajenx responds:

I like asteroids...


It was good until i got to level 3/4, when everything simply spawned around me, flew straight into me, and killed me. Considering this happened 2 times i wasnt willing to try it again.