Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

it's good but...

it's too hard in the beginning..if it would be easier the fun factor wpuld be much higher.


Good, but don't deny me of my quality settings, damn it!

Kajenx responds:

Quality is automatically low. It was the particles that were lagging you. I'll be including particle settings in my next game.

I liked it...

I liked it though I am only giving it a five because so much more could be done with it. The graphics are fun to look at it.

Fun but...

...you might add a bar to predict how much point you need to get the next power-up for weapon, speed and shield...i give up around the 16-17th level (didn'remember) because wasted up too much in search of the weapon next the "three little green bolt"...and I shall not play again this game.

Kajenx responds:

Every upgrade counts towards the damage of the weapon, the area of effect is the only thing that changes with the graphics.

It's like asteroids but cool

Not very original as far as style goes but its fun. It's difficult if you don't know what you're doing not to mention as soon as you click to start the next level you immediately have to be ready. Not sure if I like that personally but I suppose it can be dealt with. I liked the music however that was nice. Overall pretty average