Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

promising but not quiter there

I'm sure you're going for the hardcore gamer, and I will probably get shot down for this, but I think the game starts off far too difficult.

The game has a lot of promise, I like the style, the controls work well and it runs nice and smoothly - however you get dropped in at the deep end with pretty much no chance for survival.

The problems I saw - from the few levels I played are...
- the orange enemies are almost the same colour as their explosions, so you have trouble distinguishing enemy from special effect.
- The blue enemies bullets are so small you can't see them to avoid them.
- Everything moves so fast (that could be related to old age though)

I think with a few simple changes (bullets you can see and a gradual difficulty increase) I would have rated this a lot higher - a 9/10 even.

Kajenx responds:

Thanks for the ideas. Originally the game was a bit easier, but it was pretty boring that way. You're right, I was aiming for the hardcore gamers, so I wanted to make it challenging. Normally I don't do that, though, so you can expect something for a more general audience with my next game.

If you're having a really hard time, my main tips would be: Keep moving around, you don't want to go in a straight line. Also, focus on your shield so you don't need to dodge as much.

Hope that helps!

.....it needs:

a quality setting button, sometimes the thing went so slow or it just didnt respond....... and i got a kick ass fast as hell comp 2!!!!! good game overall but rly dude...... 2 slow sumtimes


WAY TOOO HARD!!!!!!!!!! Lvl 2 is impossible!!! You can NOT hit the little blue guys at all!!!! Really good graphics and sound though

Kajenx responds:

Oh come on, level 2? Just sit there and you'll eventually win the level from them running into you...

Fun but...

...you might add a bar to predict how much point you need to get the next power-up for weapon, speed and shield...i give up around the 16-17th level (didn'remember) because wasted up too much in search of the weapon next the "three little green bolt"...and I shall not play again this game.

Kajenx responds:

Every upgrade counts towards the damage of the weapon, the area of effect is the only thing that changes with the graphics.



Kajenx responds: