Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Deja vu

This game is almost identical to "-= Surrounded=-". The game play and style is very similar, almost the same in some parts.

Though this game does have much more difficult enemies, it just seemed too close aside from that.

Kajenx responds:

Both this and Surrounded fit into a genre called "Space Shooter." Surrounded was hardly the first to use the formula.

not the best game i ever saw...

it's just a standard space shoot game, moving around and holding down the mouse button all the time and moving a little and then kill your enemy it's so standard.
and sometimes all your enemys rush at you in one time and then you have a cetain dead... not bad but to simple maked.


i just wish there was more like have upgrades that u run into and just give u missles and stuff but yea it was fun.

great job

i couldnt beat level 16 i would get killed on 4 wave

end boss needs a speed nerf and engine upgrade is cripplingly under powered
and there is way too many special effects i cant tell what damages me and what is there just for looks for example the tiny blue guys that emit blue pulses multiple times per second
also bullets need to carry the momentum of the ship because if an enemy manages to maintain a position in front of me i can't hit it because all of my bullets just fall behind also it is hard to shoot forward when my ship practically clings to the side of the screen whenever i move