Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

best game ever!!!!

really enjoyed this game keep up the good work


I love this game and think its awesome. it's even more unique than other shooters. but i cant help but wonder... What game inspired you to make this one?

Kajenx responds:

Azul Baronis and my obsession with particles. XD

Excellent game!

Everything was quite impressive! The particle effects, the game play, the music-- what a wonderful combination.

For anyone seeking a strategy, try flying straight into a corner shooting in that direction rather than at the enemies behind your ship. The ship flies faster than the beams, effectively hitting any enemy that appears in front of you, while still scattering backwards towards any enemy behind you. To get the greatest effect, move the spray in a side to side pattern in front of your ship. Also, upgrade your weapons as much as you can, until you get to a nice, wide wave that is capable of doing major damage (at lv 80). When fired in front of your ship, it resembles a comet and tail. You don't need to completely neglect your shields and engine, obviously, but favoring your weapon is definitely the way to go.


This is on e of the most original ideas I've seen on Newgrounds.....I hope you do a bit more with this in the future....

Extrodinaraly hard

I know everyone is probably complaining that this game is hard. However I do realize that this makes a challenge to this game. I found this game fast paced and fun. For all of you who say you die instantly you are wrong I mannaged to stay alive for a long time. It is all about placement and timing. Anyway great game. Very hard but still great.