Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Great Presentation, but...

Good premise, slick presentation...simple but pretty graphics and good music and sounds. However, I know this is a flash game, but a game like this needs 360 degree movement. As for the difficulty being hard, that's an understatement. The radar is basically useless because everything moves too quick for you to have a chance to look at it, and the way you get bum-rushed at the start of every wave is patently unfair. Its one thing for a game to be difficult, but another to be faced with overwhelming odds instantly.

Please make a sequel! Lots of potential here.

The game in itself is fast paced, fun, and has good music.

The framerate is amazing, the AI is top notch, the controls are responsive, and the visuals are rather superb. Unfortunately, that's all there is. It's too superficial. I LOVE shoot em ups, but I got bored fairly quickly with this. Once the pink bubbles started popping up, I was done.

There's no variety in the enemies. The only difference between them are color, size, and whether or not they shoot something. Once the novelty wears off, it's just a bunch of bubbles swarming you. This would have been better if there were ships and real enemies rather than just blobs. Also, the sounds are very repetitive. Aside from the turret, the blobs all sound the same when they fire and explode. Also, the upgrade system wasn't balanced. The enemies were upgrading faster than the turret does.

To me, this wasn't ready to be released. It'd make a great beta, but it isn't finished. I know that making games are very difficult, but it just screams of laziness when you use a basic shape with different colors as the enemy. A little more effort and variety would've made this game a masterpiece. But as of now, it falls short of it's potential.

If you made a sequel that delivered more, you'd have a winner on your hands. Please don't take this as criticism, I'm just giving my opinion as a gamer.

Kajenx responds:

It wasn't laziness; it was more of a design decision. Complex shapes don't render as quickly as circles, and I wanted to makes swarms of enemies. Also, the game is automatically set to low quality, but you don't notice because circles with soft edges don't need anti-aliasing.

Personally, I see the word "lazy" as rude and non-constructive, so from now on if you're just trying to give advice, you may want to choose your words more carefully.

Fun but ran like crap.

It needs a quality control button or something. I wanted to put it at low so I could tell what was going on, but I couldn't find a way to change the quality.

It ran so slow it became impossible to beat level 12 because the silver guys would shoot me while the game was framey and I couldn't tell they were actually shooting.

good but it could be better

I mean like why do you have to give us starter points, why cant you just let us build it up mabye then it can be more of a challenge.

brill but hard

worning wornig verry addctive