Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


Innovative, and surprisingly challenging, even from the start. It gives a really nice "dog-fighting" feel to it, that many games lack. The graphics and music is really nice too. Great job.


Really quite a good game. Firing was a bit awkward, but otherwise had nice gameplay.

Really fun!

This game is hard right off the bat but it's not impossible and it's worth it. Great job!

Great game!

Awesome game. Starts off pretty hard and doesn't let up. I like that. Great graphics, easy controls, overal amazing. Congratz. Make some more!!!

Very Nice!

Well done game, but brought down just a little by the plot. With due respect,

It says "they" are attacking the human race. According to the game, "they" is a series of colorful spheres? The plot seems, with all due respect, pretty stupid.