Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


Very fun game, graphics were nice, controls were smooth, awesome gameplay. OVerall it's a pretty good game

Kajenx responds:



The music is AWSOME and really fits the game. Its got a nice adrenaline pumping pace too. The boss kinda reminded me of bull fighting or playing chicken with a car. Secret is to get in close and veer off. Anyways, make the cursor more visible in gameplay so i can see where im aiming.


Very intense.

Very well done game

but it was way too hard, you get rushed too easily, try making less shield power but making the enemies move slower, because I could barely hit them.

I love this! At first, Ithought this was just going to be a game that wasn't well detailed, but you really surprised me with a unique experience! What's so cool about this place is how fast paced it is! I don't even know what the weak point in any of these weird things are! The coolest bit was how you had so much control and you could go as far away as you wanted and the fireballs would just follow you. The music is also great and gives off a flawless sense of action.

You know how to make a fast paced game. I can see why this won Daily Feature. There could probably be a little more detail, but that's about it in terms of improvement. I don't even know how much damage I have to take before I die. It's fun the whole way through!