Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Well done

A very well done, it was very good for passing the time. A little hard, but you just need a little upgrade-savvy to resolve that.
As a side note, Dragon Force is absolute gold while playing.


i like this game it was challenging but good

Hard But Good Game

I loved this game except for that I would die every 10-14 waves and I would usually rack up a huge score, and then lose it. I was really frustrated because I hadnt died for a long time and then the final level, the boss was so hard, the boss would randomly move and then zero in on me at a higher speed than I once I shot it enough from a certain point and then try to move to a different one.

Enjoyable game

The repetitiveness of the game keeps it from the 10, because I found myself moving off in one direction more than anything else, since it worked well. Very colorful, nice sound, and excellent choice of music by -Waterflame-.


very cool but the boss was to hard for me
my shield could withstand all but he was to strong ^^