Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


im so much addicted to this lol, the effect u put when we get it and when we move makes it like if we were really into the game, plus the music really fitted, great job, its the best flash game i seen!

Kajenx responds:

Thanks so much!

very fun

i didnt get a chance to get further into the levels only because i have to get some sleep for work tomorrow morning, but closing the browser was very difficult for this game is mad addicting. good job. i was reading through other reviews, and powerups wouldnt be a bad idea, at what intervals does your turret get stronger? (it seemed the same from 5+) and does the engine make me go faster? i noticed in your other responses you mention moving in diff directions since the enemy doesnt turn as well, but whats the change in speed for the engine upgrades? just curious

Kajenx responds:

The turret upgrades at 5, 20, 40, and 80. The engine will get you considerably faster by level 60-80, but you probably won't notice because the baddies get a lot faster too. The engine can be really helpful on the upper levels. It's a good investment if you want to go for big guns and low shield.

Thanks for the 10!


That was great! one of the best games!


A little easy though... I ran my sheilds up to 100 and then maxed on wepons (I ended with the toenail laucher).

hell yeah ninja gaiden

That was really hard because the canon was like very weak and those guys are so fukin fast man i only played normal mode this is like ninja gaiden hard lol anyway nice game the ether wars is really fukin awesome but this one is a nice one too