Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


Smooth gameplay-me likes.
I'm stuck on the part with the light blue dots that leave exploading trails. Level 14 I think


The music is AWSOME and really fits the game. Its got a nice adrenaline pumping pace too. The boss kinda reminded me of bull fighting or playing chicken with a car. Secret is to get in close and veer off. Anyways, make the cursor more visible in gameplay so i can see where im aiming.


Presented a decent challenge, especially around level 17(since i only upgraded my weapon, lol). I liked how the enemies evolved and didn't just "get harder". I found myself playing this game for hours on end. Good job!

PS: It was a bit repeditive...

Very well done game

but it was way too hard, you get rushed too easily, try making less shield power but making the enemies move slower, because I could barely hit them.


simple concept yet difficult gameplay. outstanding