Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


cool, where the enemies come from anyways? and i dont want to wast all my time to finnsh this game :P (you need to make 2 hour to finnsh this game 0_0... but it fun,, the boss is so hard
the green thing is the boss , not the small green thing, the big green thing is the boss, it shoot so many small green thing , or everything like red thing or blur thing or whatever.... fun :P

great game

suuuuuuuuper game

awesome game!!!

fast passed action non-stop awin in my book, the only thing that bothers me is the look of the enemy... I mean they are like little suns or stars ,not very intimidating it would have been more cooler if we had some ships of some kind or robots for enemies, thats all. out of that an excellent game.


Nice, it's hard, fun, and it's fun to watch. I don't think I can be it anytime soon, but it's still fun.


very fun indeed, sometimes a bit to difficult, also some explosion sounds was to ''loud'' so they broke. Smooth graphics. Also i think often had to push the defence limit, i had 20 - 160 - 30. Abit to much, also i think you could have done that the last boss was not a on-hit-ko. also it was to ''big'' and the enemies moved wierd, so you could NOT see where they did come next.
-Sniper dude

this was a 2h with fun, and maybe lots of more! Thanks