Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


This game is Amazing. I have to give you a thumbs-up on the graphics, concept, and overall gameplay. I still can't believe you only got 3.97/5.00 for your votes.

Kajenx responds:

It started at 3.6 after in came out of judgement. Those portal guardians are a strict bunch, eh?

Fast paced funnnn

I felt like i was in DBZ or something when i made quick turns and shot back at them.

The game was nearly perfect :D

After beating it 5 times in hard and normal mode here are some reccomendations if you're making a sequel.

-Make more bosses :D- that one at the end was really fun, but i wish there were more

-The the level 15 enemys have like a 1 hit kill attack with huge AOE. Maybe i didn't get enough shield though.

-An improved upgrade system would be awesome. Especially if it branched out and you had to decide on a branch to go with for weapons and stuff.

-Engine really didn't help at all in my opinion.

-A storyline would make it fun, but that's probably asking too much:P

Amazing game and i really hope you're planning on making a sequel!

Too fun to be true

Wow insanely fun. Only level 15 gave me trouble, but I found the secret of beating those little light blue devils. Didn't know paper (cutscene in the end) was powerful enough to stay thousands of laser shots =/.


Hey man great game.. 10/10 5/5

just could not get past lvl. 7 on Hard mode.. but none the less fantastic game!!

keep up the good work!!


great game
it was a little challenging in the beginning but just kept gettin easier