Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


this has to be one of my most favorite games on Newgrounds. The difficulty is hard enough so you are challanged and may die, but not enough to make you frustrated. It is quick-paced, so you will never relax until the upgrades screen.

2 things i would like to point out though,

1.as soon as i got 45 on power, i got a triple shot, which made the game easy to the point of moving diagonaly and shooting. try not to make such a big jump in the sequel, if there is going to be one.

2.on lvl 15, i spontanously coumbusted (burst into flames) im guessingh that was the dark blue orbs that people complain of. please don't make their explosions that big, and give them a different color like blue on the outside, green on the inside.

Overall, this actually beat my expectations on flash games. This game deserves somthing better than 10/10, but thats all i can give you.

Great game!

Great sonds, graphics,sound track etc...


It was fun. Though, for a stretch there, you can actually upgrade your shield and stay in one place while their shots bounce off. I actually liked having tougher enemies come into play, and forcing you to use your brains.

a kind of game I am looking for

This game is so great, the music is nice because it's in space and if you think it just a turret game, well you were wrong, ok it's rated in shooters genre so yes, this game gave you speed and fun because that alien is soooooo fast so I'll tell you some survival rules
1 don't get into the middle of the mobs, if you did, start praying, they will kill you.
2 if aliens moving too fast, kamikaze will help you when time is grim
well, have fun.

Damn awesome!

I love this gaame! I think its really fun. Its not complex but its really gripping. I still cant beat the big red guy at the end though but I'll keep trying. Great game keep up the good work!