Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

holy fuck

for like an hour I went north west and shot down on like level 17 I got raped....I love this game

my hands hurt alot

Kajenx responds:

Haha, now imagine what my hand feels like after a week of testing...

By the way, that's the direction I'm always inclined to go too... Odd how it draws you in, isn't it?

Thanks for the review!


that was very good. awesome effects and i love the difficulty, none of that slow first 15 levels like the other games. nice job and i hope to see a sequal

Kajenx responds:

YEAH! That's what I was aiming for. A lot of people just close games out of boredom in the beginning, not knowing how fun it will become.

I'm hoping to make a multiplayer sequal, but I'm afraid of that whole server thing...



i dont know if anybody did this but i think its pretty good you go in one direction for awhile and shoot in the direction your going it blocks on all sides in front on the side and in the back so try that and tell me if its bad or not worth it...

well anyways great game but its anoying how you cant save, and maybe you should put desriptions on the upgrade menue like this makes it shoot 5x faster and increases chance of special or something, lastly you could make different modes like survival alright im done.

the game was awesome

so just make like a version 1.2 or 2 if you wanna improve it a little


"welcome to siezure r ussssss" despite my hand shaking the whole way through it was awesomeeeee

ah great.

its not often i give 10/10s but man i really enjoyed your game. the ending was rewarding, the gamplay was addicting, and it took alot of strategy to beat. To all of you having difficulty ill share what i did... I basically put all points into turret till it was 40 or 50 then i put 10 into engine and keep boosting up sheilds till sheilds were 40 or 50 (even with turrets) then i got turrets up to 100 and sheilds up to 100 all leftover points went into engine. last boss battle takes alot of manuvering with my strategy tho. use diagonal movements to compensate for the low engine and out manuver the boss. keep firing in his general direction and remember to keep an eye on your radar to keep out of his way while still firing shots at him.
keep it up :)