Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Hey! Hope for Flash Games!

Listen, this game is crazy-lovable. It was difficult, but the look + sound made it seem really professional. More than any other game on the net I've seen in a while. Ok, if I need to criticize somewhere, i guess it'd be on the difficulty. maybe an easy/hard option. then again, i didn't worry bout being killed 2 often, cause its so FLIPPIN beautiful. love it.

(i've never heard of xbox live arcade doing flash games[even though i have 360 lol] but i wouldn't be surprised. look where Alien Hominid got.)

Kajenx responds:

You know, after I built that death animation I died a lot on purpose while testing just for the fun of it. Nothing like a good explosion to lift your spirits after dieing on level 20 with a perfect score... XD

Thanks so much for the support!


addictive gameplay, awesome graphics, and that robotic feeling of "MUST.... BEAT....GAME!!!"(lol xD).... what more can you ask for? ^^


this game is really well done it gets ur adrenaline pumping by playing the only thing is that boss A.K.A death star as i would say it.i cant seem to beat it.its just really hard


fun but its hard! lol


This is a quality flash game with great effects and pretty good music. The difficulty is pretty good and I've still yet to beat it without dying for a max score. Hard mode is a great addition but it would be really nice to have a quality button because around levels 17-21, it starts getting laggy and if you don't have the final cannon, it can be really hard to hit anything effectively. But overall probably the best flash game I've ever played. Keep up the great work and hope ot see more from you in the future.