Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

promising but not quiter there

I'm sure you're going for the hardcore gamer, and I will probably get shot down for this, but I think the game starts off far too difficult.

The game has a lot of promise, I like the style, the controls work well and it runs nice and smoothly - however you get dropped in at the deep end with pretty much no chance for survival.

The problems I saw - from the few levels I played are...
- the orange enemies are almost the same colour as their explosions, so you have trouble distinguishing enemy from special effect.
- The blue enemies bullets are so small you can't see them to avoid them.
- Everything moves so fast (that could be related to old age though)

I think with a few simple changes (bullets you can see and a gradual difficulty increase) I would have rated this a lot higher - a 9/10 even.

Kajenx responds:

Thanks for the ideas. Originally the game was a bit easier, but it was pretty boring that way. You're right, I was aiming for the hardcore gamers, so I wanted to make it challenging. Normally I don't do that, though, so you can expect something for a more general audience with my next game.

If you're having a really hard time, my main tips would be: Keep moving around, you don't want to go in a straight line. Also, focus on your shield so you don't need to dodge as much.

Hope that helps!

completely awesome!

Now THIS is a good game! Its hard tho, good job on this, keep up the good work!

Kajenx responds:


Oh, man...

I don't even know what's going on... it's like pure luck gets you through the levels. Manouvering just doesn't do the thing it's supposed to, namely keep you alive. Kinda frustrating to me... voted to save it though, maybe some pple out there get to like it.

Kajenx responds:

Haha, well at least you tried it! Thanks for the review.


Very nicely done man.
The music fit in with the game play very well too, and I love the challenge to it!
I definitely had a blast playing this game. =P

Kajenx responds:

I fell in love with the main song the first time I heard it. I had a, "This song is so perfect!" moment! Haha!

I'm glad you liked it!