Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


Average game, the shooting is a bit off, the flying is weird and you don't actually get a cue when you're hitting an enemy or getting hit yourself. Atleast I didn't really notice. The graphics and sounds are nice and there certainly IS potential for a great game, maybe in the sequel?


yeh it was great fun...but i noticed that the canon wasnt fireing right...if u fire left it would be on the right an yeh. but i would give u a 9/10

Kajenx responds:

I'm guessing you were probably lagging a bit there...


really addictive game with good graphics, but also a bit boring and frustrating. i was VERY dissappointed when i realized that i can't defeat boss, because i upgraded only shield & gun and i'm too slow.

Kajenx responds:

You can beat the boss with low everything, you just wave to watch for it on you radar and dodge to the side when it comes at you.

once i got to level 3....

OMFG blue and orange balls of fire just come at me at the speed of light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kajenx responds:

Haha, yup.


This game is just FUCKING awesome! rlly addicting :D also great graphics and gameplay =D 5/5 10/10 oh and like the other ppl said, powerups wouldnt be a bad idea.

Kajenx responds:

Thanks! Yeah, that's a good idea.