Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

This is awesome!

It's sooo addictive! I couldn't stop until I beat the game and I lost count how many times it took me to beat it, you did an excellent job on this game, I'm putting this game on my favorite list =D


great game
it was a little challenging in the beginning but just kept gettin easier

i cant beat the last giant thing lol

what an amazing game though i really like it, the only thing i dint like was when a level started all enemies were around you and exploded your @$$ off to kingdom comewich was actually making me laugh anyways great game keep em coming

I really do love it

Except if you want to beat the game it will take time and if you had to leave for instance there is no pause button. Which is why I only gave it a nine


"This game is meant to be hard,"

No shit, son.

I got 375.

Jesus fuck I'm terrible at these type of games, then you come along and make one that's fucking brick-shittingly hard.

Very good game though.

I have no real negative criticism, but I just didn't like it enough to give it a 9.