Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Stylish as usual

Greatly stylish and pleasing to the eye. But the time you give for the player to react to a new wave is too short. I got to level 10 and couldnt finish it since I would die within 1 second of the wave starting.

And most of my points where in shields.


great game man i like how you got the tail in there man i like the weapons and how some f the enemies are only hurt by a different weapon


dude,one of the best space shooters ever!!!!
altough u could have added a little more music,it still stays the best space shooter
keep doing the stuff!!


i loved it! it has to be the best space shooter i have ever played, and nt just on the internet, i meen console-wide! super challenging, but i cnt beat that last boss lol, HE'S HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! (...and red) lol. gr8 game. sequel?


try changing the ai.... they keep killing me by commiting suicide... that's not cool... this game could be better if they didn't do that, and the engine upgrade actually did anything...