Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


great game and good flow but i found lvl 12 to be fucking insane those stupid little things moved to fast and would surround you in about 5 seconds and you would be dead.but other then that good job

extremely difficult!!!

I think it seems like a pretty cool game but it's way too hard to hit them with that turret. I think the bullets need to move faster

Extrodinaraly hard

I know everyone is probably complaining that this game is hard. However I do realize that this makes a challenge to this game. I found this game fast paced and fun. For all of you who say you die instantly you are wrong I mannaged to stay alive for a long time. It is all about placement and timing. Anyway great game. Very hard but still great.


wtf man? that is retarded. its almost impossible to shoot. and you cant shoot ahead of them because they move insanely fast. the only thing i could think to do was to run into them but you get bombarded so fast that you die almost immediatly. . . you got a lot to work on. . .

lets see

This was a good fast game but needs to upgrade the turret