Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Props man.

Love the game, love the sequel. I'd love to have the opening song to the game. I can't stop hearing it!

awesome when ur tired

really awesome to complicated if youve been up all night all week ;)

fun but ether war is better

nice graphics


This game is cool, though I have to admitt that I didn't manage it to beat the second level, but that's not a problem, since I'm not a friend of this kind of shooting games.

I give the game 10/10 - 5/5. Why?

Because of this wonderful graphics, especially the colours. Everything in this game has a very strong and beautiful colour, the moves are smooth.

I like that, and the music which perfectly fits.

I'm sure if I'd like shooting games I'd be totally into this one.

cool upgrades

This game was fun with good weapons upgrades. It was kind of laggy so maybe there could have been a quality change button (but lag probably saved my buttocks). Here is a suggestion of what to do if you guys can't beat a level

DO NOT upgrade engine.
First upgrade weapon to 5 points, then after every level, distribute half of the points to shield, half to weapon.Once you get your weapon to level 80 (looks like soundwaves) stop upgrading weapon. Once you get your shield to level 10X, stop upgrading shield. If you have any spare points, put it on engine (you only need engine for last level).

In-game tips
Never let go of the A+S keys, if you keep dying, shoot towards the bottom left of the screen until there are less enemies.Try looking at the radar than the main screen and you can shoot enemies even if you do not see them.

Good luck, have fun, and don't try hard mode.