Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

very fun. great ballanceing.

Great, now I'm reminded how much I miss Battlestar Galactica
You knocked this out of the park.


fun but its hard! lol

God this was hard

This game was sooo hard i loved it! It was really challenging which wasnt frustrating but enjoyable. I thought this was another space invader remake but when i went off screen the screen scrolled with me, rather than appearing on the opposite side of the screen. However i think pgrades were kinda bland and didnt really do much for the game.


I don't even want to try that big red thing on hard mode.

Mind numbingly AWESOME

I've not seen such an awesome game in a while! The mere fact that right at the beginning, you're presented with fast-flying enemies that present an immediate obstacle due to the damaging trails they leave behind them, and right after them you get smaller and faster enemies that fire off a hefty amount of projectiles... This is an experienced gamer's dream. I've played a lot of games, some of them left unfinished due to the sheer boredom factor. Your game was simple, yet mind-blowingly... mind-blowing! The music was awesome(albeit a little repetitive, but that's to be expected), and the presentation was superb. Needless to say, all my stars are belong to you.