Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

You already know this is a great game

A great game, as I said before, but rather hard. To help some of the casual gamers out there, I would suggest making a difficulty setting. The graphics were great, though the yellow spheres clutter up the screen a bit. I died a little while into the game, so I didn't get to see the tri-shot, but the big glowing shots were very wierd looking, they kept twitching. Overall, great game, blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah.

To the people playing: I would suggest upgrading engine and power A LOT. You don't need the shield if you can just run from everything, and it's already high enough. If you're desperate, ramming an enemy is a viable strategy, but only do it IF THE ENEMY IS THE ONLY ONE THERE. The game will kill your ship if you try to ram something at the beginning of a wave. Long range shooting DOES work, so use your radar to try to kill stuff that's way out there. And most of all, keep your eyes open and your fingers on the keyboard.

no offense

hard as hell


but utter insanity

very impressive

like gemotiry wars with out walls.
nice idea, do something like it agin if you can.
great music and good controls

nice game

like the other guy i think best thing u cood add is a save so you can come back on and do it again. but stil gd game ill giv it an 8