Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


It was fun. Though, for a stretch there, you can actually upgrade your shield and stay in one place while their shots bounce off. I actually liked having tougher enemies come into play, and forcing you to use your brains.


It was just a little bit hard for me after Wave 6. But it's a nice game with a nice sound and graphic style. Its just a little bit strange that it reminds me on a dream I have, when I was a child oO


This is the best shooting game i have ever played, good job

Fun but...

...you might add a bar to predict how much point you need to get the next power-up for weapon, speed and shield...i give up around the 16-17th level (didn'remember) because wasted up too much in search of the weapon next the "three little green bolt"...and I shall not play again this game.

Kajenx responds:

Every upgrade counts towards the damage of the weapon, the area of effect is the only thing that changes with the graphics.


Very nice, fast, brutal. Hard game.

The upgrades didnt really made a big difference in their effects.. i was outrunned most of the time with 75% of my points in speed..

But it was fun..