Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


that was amazing. Just everything about it. I think it may have been the best game of its Genre i've ever played.

Fucking Awesome

I loved every part of it.
The little details; the way the little circles were on the 2nd blue enemies as they moved, the trails left by enemies, the trails left by your cannon, and the sounds.
All the sounds were perfectly suited to the game, as was the music.
Bravo to you sir, you have truly made my day.
This game should be waay in the top 50.

The simplicity is beautiful and pulled off so effectively.
How you are told nothing about the enemies, and have to learn what they do yourselves keeps with the theme of not knowing who is attacking.
The simplicity of the story.

This game has a terrible score, waay lower than it should be.


First few levels:
kill enough guys to upgrade your cannon to lvl 20.
hold W and A, and shoot.

It did get a little repetetive, but having to work out what the enemies do while progressing through luck keeps the mind of the repetativeness, and just working out what the red cartwheely thing does feels like an achievement in itself. I wont tell you guys what they do, you have to figure it out for yourself.

Great game! Keep them coming, and your game is horribly underscored in my opinion.

"Today, a ledgend is born."

its the best shooter

very taktical good grfics all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Innovative, and surprisingly challenging, even from the start. It gives a really nice "dog-fighting" feel to it, that many games lack. The graphics and music is really nice too. Great job.


This is a quality flash game with great effects and pretty good music. The difficulty is pretty good and I've still yet to beat it without dying for a max score. Hard mode is a great addition but it would be really nice to have a quality button because around levels 17-21, it starts getting laggy and if you don't have the final cannon, it can be really hard to hit anything effectively. But overall probably the best flash game I've ever played. Keep up the great work and hope ot see more from you in the future.