Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


I thought I was a hardcore gamer till I played this. I died at the third freaking level! Way to hard for me I guess. I'd really appreciate if you could adjust the diffuculty level or maybe even put a "Easy" to "Extreme" mode.

great job

i couldnt beat level 16 i would get killed on 4 wave


cool, where the enemies come from anyways? and i dont want to wast all my time to finnsh this game :P (you need to make 2 hour to finnsh this game 0_0... but it fun,, the boss is so hard
the green thing is the boss , not the small green thing, the big green thing is the boss, it shoot so many small green thing , or everything like red thing or blur thing or whatever.... fun :P


This game just rocks. Upgrading felt awesome and there have been no other games like this! =D

its alright

visually its a pretty good game, but playing it is kinda irritating. i found it annoying trying 2 chase around one enemy while at the same time running from another. i thought the enemies were 2 difficult 2 hit & kill.