Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Very fun!

It starts off a bit easy and gets a bit too hard, but other than that I think its wonderful ^ ^

Great game

It got kinda crazy later on but it was fun. Gj hope you make more like it.


Presented a decent challenge, especially around level 17(since i only upgraded my weapon, lol). I liked how the enemies evolved and didn't just "get harder". I found myself playing this game for hours on end. Good job!

PS: It was a bit repeditive...

love it..

I cant see what's so hard about it. I've played it out twice in a row, just upgrade your shield and weapons, the engine s not that important(at least thats what I think:) I loved all the upgrades and all the different weapons that you get..
Can't wait 4 more..:)

Beautiful, but...

Graphically beautiful; the sound is terrific. The game play isn't the most interesting, however.