Reviews for "Ether Cannon"


Very intense.

I agree

I agree with AceTheSalmon, this may be one of the best shooters in the history on newgrounds, w/out a doubt

Only problem is somebody could get a seizure!

EASILY the best shooter game in the complete history of newgrounds. seriously, its like a disney world fourth of july celebration on steroids. sweet... good for when i feel like blowing the living **** out of something while flying around with a bolt-shooting rapid-fire machine gun.


you could have done so much better but still a very good game!

make a game without the ether but keep the battle system and maybe the tank (or turret) and the enemies could be ships or something and be sure to make lotz of boss battles

this is now on my favs list!


good game. got super hard later on. i liked the different weapons you could upgade to. you gotta keep moving near the end or its almost instant oblerderation!