Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Yes, the game is very fun, but involves a bit of luck with how the enemies spawn and if you just happen to be moving in the right way to avoid them. Also it only mainly involves the 'never stop moving away from enemies and never let go of the fire button' maneuver that works most of the time and turns the difficulty into kind of an artificial, more-or-less there sort of form, on normal at least. And here's some trivia I think is interesting: while this game has a 4.05 rating here, it has a measly 3.26 rating on Kongregate, though both versions have around the same amount of plays and the game was even sponsored by Kong.

Kajenx responds:

Haha, I gave up trying to figure out what kind of game Kong likes a while ago. ^^ Though, I think for the most part, they like easy games.

I love this! At first, Ithought this was just going to be a game that wasn't well detailed, but you really surprised me with a unique experience! What's so cool about this place is how fast paced it is! I don't even know what the weak point in any of these weird things are! The coolest bit was how you had so much control and you could go as far away as you wanted and the fireballs would just follow you. The music is also great and gives off a flawless sense of action.

You know how to make a fast paced game. I can see why this won Daily Feature. There could probably be a little more detail, but that's about it in terms of improvement. I don't even know how much damage I have to take before I die. It's fun the whole way through!


This game was amazing. Uber graphics, epic music, everything was perfect... except for the undeniable fact that this game is just not possible on a PC or laptop. the finger pad thing doesn't work well, so you need a mouse.


simple concept yet difficult gameplay. outstanding

Amazing Game

Im dumbstrucked, its simply amazing, though a bit hard but amazing