Reviews for "Ether Cannon"

Flashy space action!

Great game! Fast, exiting, flashy, action-packed, lazer-blazing insane space shooter! With ominous glowing gaseous alien blobs that go pop! What else do you need in a shooter?

very fast

this is a fast game. but i like it. i need to play it more.


i like how you left us hanging because HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT IT WAS I MEAN IT SAID WE CANT ID IT SO HOW DO WE HAVE A STORYLINE. im not sarcastic. HONESTLY!!!! so actually you put in a way that only people that actually read it fast enough get it. all it says that it will kill us because there gasious thing. so actually thats your storyline. oh well but all in lall you didnt leave us hanging at all. just people are NOOBS! well what i saw atleast. but honestly it is just stupid of em.

Kajenx responds:



WTF no story?, I've played too many games like this, it's nothing new.


6320 kills!!! beat it!!!