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Reviews for "Areas"


now there's something you dont see everyday...


OMG you have to be retarded!

This game was GREAAAAAAT


im like the unofficial simon of flash games (on NewGrounds at least) and i gave u a 5/5.. very VERY good game

Definitely abstract.

It's abstract done well. I don't think there's any other game remotely like this, but it's going to score rather low because of the lack of instructions. It's neat how the game is like a light puzzle in itself, like another reviewer said, but a lot of the younger players (and maybe impatient older players) are going to dislike this game because to them, it might not make sense (XD). I think this game is great, with a nice sort of feel to it. The music was especially good, and well used in a flash game of this kind. I think perhaps, if there were more variety, it would lengthen the game. It started to get less interesting after a while, but this game is still awesome. It's funny how the reviews give it a high score, but the main votes are rather low.

Really nice work

This is actually an incredible game. I think that one reason the scores are on the low side (and it's really a shame) is because some people aren't intelligent enough to understand a game without instructions. I really like the way the whole thing is set up though and trying to figure out how to use the powerups and what they do; the whole powerup system is really very well done and its good to see a completely new concept which is so varied and fun. I was also utterly confused in the beginning with the music controls and various buttons but once I figured everything out I both enjoyed myself and had a somewhat of a sense of pride, like solving out a puzzle. As others have said, the music is incredible as well. Graphics are perfect as well for this kind of game too I believe.

Normally I wait until I'm done with a game before reviewing, but i just had to put this out there even though I seem to be stuck on level 19. Even if this game doesn't get great scores because of people who don't understand it, you should be proud of making a certainly abstract, creepy, crazy, fun game.