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Reviews for "Areas"


This is the most awesome shooting game i've ever played.
Simple and nice.
Level 10 is very hard... :(
And yes, the music is just perfect in the game.
Keep up the good work.

- AsianSpark

2 things

1: Wow. I didn't think it would be possible to come up with a game that simple and good. It was amazing. The powerups were amazing.

2: Reminds me of a nightmare. LOL


Very good game! It took me a minute to figure out how to play, which is somewhat of a rare virtue, rather than a setback. The abstractness & originality really make it stick out; the new areas (powerups? bonuses?) in each level kept me playing, wondering what's next. Up until level 40 or so (42? maybe?) the bonus zones kept me coming up with tricks for how to use them, like when you have two of those big, constant, laser things, you can rotate them to squash the white bubble things, like scissors. Shooting through a shot-magnifying area, a shot-multiplying area, and a shot-redirecting area consecutively was also very effective. One downside to the uber abstractness is that it's hard to talk about, for instance in a review! I don't think I saw a single word except in the credits, but you definitely managed to pull it off with the non-verbal documentation and such! Everything really fit the theme, right down to the music.

The main reason that I'm not giving this a 10/10 or a 5/5 is that stretch of levels, 40-something through 50-something, that was all pickups. Sure, they were very helpful, they definitely maintained the sense of anticipation I got with the area bonuses, but the commonality of pickups and the effect they had on the gameplay was sort of a let down after all the originality in the previous levels. Area bonuses required that I figure out how to use them effectively, or at least to figure out what, exactly, they do. In contrast, in the pickup levels, while there was clearly an interesting variety, there wasn't much thinking involved. Either you were fast and lucky enough to get a few early on and start a chain reaction, in which case it might even become hard to find any white areas, or you got squished. The strategy was always the same: get as many pickups as you possibly can, and you're unstoppable.

That being said, I would've thought those levels were good if they weren't preceded by the greatness of the first 40 levels. If the pickup levels were mixed in, it would have been better, it just started to drag after a while. Overall, excellent game.


it keeps telling me to update my player , even tho i got v9.0.47...

wich version do i need?

RidiculousEvil responds:

A bug indeed, thanks for letting me know. Can you PM me with details about your OS, brawser, etc?

Sir, I congratulate you!

This is by far one of the most amazing games I've played in quite some time. I'll admit, I was very confused by the instructions and wasn't sure how to complete the level until I was already a few levels in and finally noticed the timer. I was stuck at level 19 for a good long while, but I kept at it and I'm now at level 32.

Simply fantastic. I can't say that enough. The auto-quality level is simply spectacular as well and much appreciated! And while the music is nice and creepy, it's a very short clip and now that I'm at level 32, I find it's really starting to get on my nerves. Perhaps some more sound or a way to turn it off?

I'm curious how many levels there are in this... Or is it infinite and the circles just keep coming at you faster with each level?

RidiculousEvil responds:

You can adjust the volume in the pause menu, which shows up if you hold your cursor over the charecter for a moment.
the levels themselvs are not infinite. you get some cool stuff at level 40, and the rest is for you to discover.
And btw, thanks and stuff.